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Public Event

Round table: The Balkan route and the borders of Europe
Date: 27.9.2018 / 8pm
Location: Impact Hub (Makedonska 21, Belgrade)

The Balkan route became internationally notorious in 2015, during the events that later became known as the Summer of Migration, with images of refugees marching along the Hungarian highway towards Austria; the surprising announcement of the German chancellor Merkel that Germany will open its borders for the refugees; formalization of the Balkan corridor from Greece to Germany and further north. In 2018, the route is characterised by fences and police brutality on various state borders. Due to identitarian and racist imagination of Europe, the route is repeatedly being pushed into clandestinity. Western Balkan countries became buffer zones for refugees and migrants and they reproduce the suffering of people on the move. The freedom of movement, which is one of fundamental principles and values of European integration, is transformed into a menace for European order and identity.

The Balkans, hegemonically perceived as never properly modernized and Europeanized and as always needing paternalistic care of Europe proper, got the crucial role in inhibiting and preventing the freedom of movement of the citizens of the Western Balkan countries as well as of the unwanted foreigners, so that the European inland is secured.

The round table “The Balkan route and the borders of Europe” will be organized on Thursday, 27 September, 8pm, in Impact Hub (Makedonska 21, Belgrade) in the framework of the summer school “Migration on the Western Balkans – From Transit to Reception”. The speakers include Prof. Andrej Kurnik (Faculty of social sciences, Ljubljana), Dr. Drago Zuparic-Iljic (Institute for Migration and Ethnic Stuides, Zagreb), Dr. Polona Mozetic (legal expert, Ljubljana), Andrea Contenta (activist), and Prof. Sabine Hess (Institue for Cultural Anthropology, Göttingen). The topic of the round table is the current situation at the Balkan route and the importance of the struggle for freedom of movement in the region in the context of the raising right wing consensus in Europe.